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Use Textel + RingCentral MVP

For Expanded Texting

Give your team an upgrade and boost collaboration with Textel inside your RingCentral MVP app. Send 1:1 texts to any phone from your existing platform, providing customers and business users with a seamless connection via SMS.

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Text From Your MVP App

Textel is built natively into team messaging in RingCentral. Because we're already a part of your web-based, desktop, and mobile apps, your team never has to leave the app to text your contacts. Plus, we can enable texting on your already-existing DIDs for easier connection points.

Text as a Team

We support both direct one-on-one and group-based messaging, so connect how it makes sense for you. For group-based messaging, add RingCentral users to your conversations with a mobile user to help answer questions or for additional support. It's less like a group text and more of a team approach to problem solving inside your app.

Automate Your Opt-ins & Opt-outs

Stay compliant and protect your customer relationships with campaign and audience management. We'll automatically manage when customers opt in and out of texting. This way, you're not driving customers away with unwanted messaging, and you're staying within TCPA compliance standards. Use keywords and QR codes to build your opt-in distribution lists quickly and safely.

Track Your SMS Performance

With robust reporting and analytics built in, Textel helps your management team keep an eye on how texting affects your operations. Use full historical reporting in your MVP app to track customer satisfaction and other key metrics across all of your channels. This way, your admins don't have to sift through extra sets of data in a separate platform.