Free Coronavirus Chatbot for Your Website

Your teammates and customers have questions about COVID-19, and Capacity can answer them. 

Here you'll find our free, AI-powered chatbot with FAQs about Coronavirus health, response, work policies, and more. In seconds, you can get answers to questions such as: 

  • How does the virus spread?

  • What are the symptoms?

  • How do I stay safe?

Our state-of-the-art language algorithms provide automated responses with the most relevant information available from expert sources like the CDC and WHO. 

For an upcoming public health resource, we're compiling data about the most popular COVID-19 related topics such as:

Capacity understands user's questions, 

no matter how they're worded.

You're invited to deploy this chatbot for free, whether it's for a health department website, an HR homepage, or any other org. To provide helpful insight for COVID-19 questions, click here and we’ll send you the single line of javascript you’ll need to deploy it.


Inserts into any webpage just like Google Analytics.

If you'd like to customize the conversation for your organization with specific knowledge, our team would be happy to discuss your needs and send a no-obligation proposal.

About Capacity

Capacity was founded in 2017 by David Karandish and Chris Sims, and is part of the incubator. Proudly headquartered in St. Louis.

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